UPDATED: Intune WiFi profile for Windows Mobile generate error “0x87D1FDE8: Remediation failed” in the Console

UPDATED: Intune WiFi profile for Windows Mobile generate error “0x87D1FDE8: Remediation failed” in the Console

Last week I’ve did an implementation of Microsoft Intune for managing mobile devices. In this setup I’ve configured several settings including a WiFi profile with Pre-Shared key. The WiFi profile generates a strange error in the Intune Console but it is working on the managed Windows 10 Mobile devices.

First of all i’ve created a .xml file which we can import as custom OMA URI. The .xml file for the WiFi profile with Pre-Shared key is created on a full Windows Machine. This can be done by adding the WiFi connection with the correct settings in the “Network and Sharing Center”. Use the “Set up a new connection or network” and create a new WiFi network manually.


Afer this has been done the xml find with the correct settings can be copied from the Windows  Machine and used in the Intune environment. The location for this xml file is “C:\programdata\Microsoft\Wlansvc\Profiles\Interfaces\SOME-GUID\”. With this file we create a custom policy with a custom OMA URI to add the settings for the WiFi profile. snip_20160718101526 snip_20160718101432

The settings are deployed to an user group and the settings are applied on the device of the user. The WiFi profile is added on the device and it’s working great but in the Intune console there appears an error.


One error is correct because I’ve setup device encryption and this device is not encrypted yet. The other error is a little bit strange.  It’s about the deployment of the WiFi profile. This WiFi profile is applied correctly on the device.


The error “0x87D1FDE8: Remediation failed” indicates that the settings in Intune are not matching with the settings on the device. On the device there are no errors related to the WiFi settings. The problem look like a incorrect hash value in the OMA URI. My colleague Ronny de Jong describes this in a blog post on technet. After double checking, this value is not the problem.

Because there are no events or errors on the device and the Intune console is only reporting an “0x87D1FDE8: Remediation failed” error with no further information we’ve create a support ticket with Microsoft Support. If there is an update about this issue I will update this blog post. Hopefully there will be an update soon.



Yesterday I received a conformation that there is a fix for this issue. This fix is marked to be deployed in a future update. Sadly, most of the update specificities have not been released to public knowledge. When there is a date when this fix will be deployed to the Intune environment I will update this post.

The validation for the update will take time and as a result it will take a while until it’s deployed to the live Intune tenants.

So keep you posted about this strange issue.

7 thoughts on “UPDATED: Intune WiFi profile for Windows Mobile generate error “0x87D1FDE8: Remediation failed” in the Console

    1. Hi Stewart,
      The issues is still under investigation by the Product Team. Multiple developers are involved. I will update this post when an there is a resolution for this issue.
      Regards, Frans

  1. Hi Stewart.

    I have the same problem when I deploy to Android. I’m using SCCM/Intune.
    Any news?
    Regards, Morten

  2. Hi does anyone know what the fix to this problem is? I have used the generator to create my xml file so I cannot understand why this is still not working!

    1. Hi Sophie,
      Today I’ve received another update.
      It looks like this issue is still outstanding but there is a workaround:

      Deploy WIFI profile with PSK now, using OMA-URI, by doing the following

      1) Get rid header
      2) Make sure protected=false
      3) Make sure keyMaterial is plain-text password

      I will test this next Friday and will let know the results.

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