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Test notification in Operations Manager 2012

Test notification in Operations Manager 2012

Set notification settings on Operations Manager

In the Operations Manager Console go to the Administration Tab and select Notification. First we have to create a “Channel”, a “Subscriber” and a “Subscription”.



Channel Configuration

  • Create a new SMTP Channel;
  • Fill in the Channel Name and optional a description;
  • Add a SMTP server FQDN address and a return address for the email;
  • The format can be left default;

Subscriber Configuration

  • Create a new Subscriber ;
  • Fill in a Subscriber name;
  • Set the Schedule – Default is always send notifications;
  • Add the Subscriber address:
    • Fill in an Address Name;
    • Set Channel Type – this case SMTP Channel and the Delivery address for this channel is filled in automatically;
    • Schedule is default to send notifications always.

Subscription Configuration

  • Create a new Subscription;
  • Fill in the Subscription name;
  • Select the criteria for raising an event. In my case it is a specific Severity and a specific Priority. This is set to Critical and High;
  • Add the subscriber. To do this add and search for the created subscriber;
  • Add the Channel. To do this add and search for the created Channel;

Create a management pack and a monitor for event detection

First we create a new management pack for the notification test. In this MP we will create a monitor for event detection.

  • First create a new Management Pack (give it a name for example: Notification);
  • Go to “Authoring” tab and create a monitor in this Management Pack with the following settings:
    • Create a Monitor -> “New Unit Monitor”
    • Select the “Windows Event Reset” / “Simple Event Detection” / “Windows Event Reset”. Select correct Management Pack;
    • Give the monitor a name, select “Windows Server” as target and UnCheck “Monitor is Enabled”;
    • Unhealthy Event Log -> “Application”;
    • Unhealthy Event Expression -> ID = 100, Source = Dummy;
    • Healthy Event Log -> “Application”;
    • Healthy Event Expression -> ID = 101, Source = Dummy;
    • Health -> First Event Reaised – change to Critical;
    • Select “Generate Alerts for this monitor”. Change Priority to High

Enable the monitor for the test server

  • Override this Monitor for the server on which you want to test;
    • Search for the created monitor in the “Monitors” list;
    • Right click and override the monitor “For a specific object of Class: Windows Server”;
    • Search for the test server on which you want to test;
    • Enable the monitor for this server;

Test notification to create an alert on the test server.

  • Create an event to raise an alert:
    • Eventcreate /L Application /ID 100 /SO Dummy /T Error /D “Dummy Event”;
  • Create an event to solve the raised alert:
    • Eventcreate /L Application /ID 101 /SO Dummy /T Information /D “Dummy Event”;

The mail is generated if the mail settings are set as above.